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Ravsten Drywall Contracting, Inc. — Testimonials

At Ravsten Drywall Contracting, Inc., we take great pride in our work and highly value our customers and the relationships that we build with them. Below are some testimonials from former and current customers of RDC.

"We've been partnering with Ravsten Drywall Contracting exclusively for the past five years. As a residential remodeler, it is key that every phase of the project be executed with professionalism and efficiency. Rick and his team are consistently exceeding our expectations. The work is thorough; scheduling is rock solid; the service is exceptional; and the pricing is competitive.

We are confident enough in Rick's service that we've referred him to countless other contractors and homeowners seeking drywall services.

I've even had him do the drywall in my own home!"

Phil Hecht, Partner
Hansen Renovation

"A great project is equal to the sum of its parts, and when it comes to drywall services RDC does not disappoint. 

Our success as a company not only comes from working with subcontractors that are competitive in price, but more importantly, from working with subcontractors who are able to complete the work correctly and on-time. 

Rick Ravsten and his team at RDC are certainly the "go-to-guys", and have proven time and again, that they are actively committed to ensuring that projects are successful and that clients are happy."

Steve Zeasman, President
Constructive Energy

"We recently used Ravsten Drywall Contracting on a large, custom remodel home located on Mercer Island. We found Rick and his crew at RDC to be very professional, accommodating, and a great value for the money. The project required multiple trips and very detailed work. Rick and RDC were incredibly responsive to all our changes, and always managed to get the work done on time.

Rick Ravsten is a great subcontractor, and we would highly recommend him and his company for any drywall project. We look forward to working with him and his team on our next project."

Steve Moe, Owner
Steve Moe Design, Planning, & Construction Management

"Rick Ravsten has raised the bar when it comes to subcontractor service within the building industry!

It can be difficult in this industry to find a balance of price, service and quality.  Oftentimes, one is missing to the detriment of the whole.  At our office, Ravsten Drywall Contracting is held as the example of how to measure other subcontractors.

As a person and a businessman, Rick is kind, responsive and trustworthy.  He and his company, Ravsten Drywall Contracting, are a great find for anyone in need of drywall services."

Ryan Anderson, President
RW Anderson Homes